Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sisters Circling in the Sacred Meadows

A Vista in Oregon
by Stephie Bigheart

Beyond the mountains, and more mountains,

up over the high desert plains, we begin our journey.

Out through the gate, along an unknown pathway,

past the cow pastures and hay fields,

out to the Lighted Tipis and Juniper trees,

at the entrance of The Sacred Meadows,

we are greeted by The Wolf Lady,

The Wise Woman, The Magician,

The Nurturing Mother, The Pioneer,

The Sacred Healer. And she smiles her humble smile,

as she waves an Eagle feather around you,

front and back, clearing and cleansing old energy

and creating space for new, and her voice begins with,

"Eagle welcomes You!"

"Aho!", w
e say,

and we enter the sacred meadows

joining the circle of sisters.

Around the fire, I see in her eyes sadness and pain,

from long ago, that still remains.

Sparks in the flames ignites and heals our hearts,

our ideas fostered and planted,

our faith built up,

our fear broken down, expelled.

Our tears composted into the Earth.

Sweat drips from our burning rage,

and drums drum up, fast beating hearts.

So we pace our breaths and measure our steps,

remembering our past and our future.

A glance, a flicker of light rose, and at just the right moment,

a Sacred Clarity shared between me and The Medicine Woman!

On the darkest night, air as cold as ice crystals,

I awake to the soft hooting of Owl, as if she were so close by,

worried about my low pitched labored breathing,

sounds I make while sleeping.

And I remember my mother's words:

It's always darkest before the dawn.

We rose that day full of love,

our lips sealed with a kiss.

And up high above us soaring in the big blue sky is Eagle.

Out through the sacred circle of women,

out through The Sacred Meadows,

and back out through the gate we sing our sacred song.

We turn along a new pathway, a never ending,

long and winding road.

There we are greeted by the New Moon.

And so it is.

We are on a new journey, sisters singing a new song.


I wrote this poem after I journeyed out to the pacific west to a retreat hosted by Pixie Lighthorse. This retreat will crack open your heart and heal you and ground you and draw you close to Mother Earth and Father Sky and fill your heart up with so much love. I say, go, if you are ready for the adventure of your life. I am so happy I journeyed to be there for the very first SouLodge Fire Circle, and where I had one of the most endearing heart connections I have ever had with a sister. May the journeys begin. Aho!