Sunday, March 29, 2015

Clarity, at Serendipity

Nags Head, North Carolina

by Stephie Bigheart

What are you holding on to? What keeps you from letting go? Is it the sound of a familiar voice that awakens your voice? Is it that you feel you can't let go, afraid you'll forget hers, afraid you'll lose yours?

When you're ready to let go of the tightness in your chest, the grip around your heart, the big lump in your throat, you'll realize how the holding on has kept you, and only you, from Freedom.

Open your palms from its grip. Sense the blood returning, flowing out and back in, again and again.

Remember the roaring ocean that week at Serendipity? You'd lie there at night in the softness of the light of the moon, listening to its deep watery waves rushing back and forth, pulsating to and from its shore.

The clarity of knowing she is still there.

Oceans and moons are held by an axis, an unseen force, but they are never in the same place at any given moment.

They learned long ago this wisdom:
There's no need in holding on to permanence.

I assure you, you'll recognize her voice and you'll find yours in the instance of letting go.

The clarity of knowing you are still here.

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